The blog has a lot of content about

The blog has a lot of content about

Here we go? Practical guide: how to choose the Best Marketing Strategies for your company 1. What is Marketing? [Summary] Marketing can be defined as a set of activities that companies do to connect and offer products or services that have value The blog for consumers, clients, partners and society in general. When this connection happens, everyone wins: sales increase , people — who needed (or wanted) what the business offers — satisfy their needs and everyone is happy! But be careful: Marketing is not just advertising ! It is a much broader and more complex process, which involves: Market analysis; Study of consumer behavior; Creation of sales strategies; Relationship with customers, and so on.

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Digital Marketing is one of the aspects of Marketing: 2. And what is Digital Marketing? Is it flawed? You can understand Digital Marketing as everything that companies do to promote their products or services on the Internet using technology . And of course, this involves much more than just using online channels to reach the target audience — there are many techniques and tools to attract and retain customers through new database digital media! Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica “Digital Marketing is a combination of communication and technology to bring companies closer to the people they want to relate to and sell to.

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Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital It is important to understand this definition because, currently, there are people using the concept incorrectly to sell a bunch of false promises . And, although some people still believe that Digital Marketing is Phone Number MX flawed , investing in this area can bring an incredible return ! In fact, here at Orgânica, we have already new database.

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