Short-term impact of R&D&I

Short-term impact of R&D&I


An approximation for the case of Asturias Short-term impact of R&D&I: an approximation for the case . University of Oviedo In the same way that “nine out of ten dentists recommend brushing your teeth daily” we could say that the recipe shared by a similar proportion of economists to boost the economic growth and social development of the territories is to invest in scientific research, technological development and .Innovation is thus the key to the growth of nations and/or regions. However, when we invest one  what do we expect to happen in the short term . What effects will it produce immediately? And in the medium term? Beyond the expected long-term effect, what impact will each euro invested in have on the region’s economy. These are the questions that we ask ourselves at the Chair for the Analysis of Innovation at the University of Oviedo and that we try to answer by studying the case of our region: the Principality of Asturias.

This methodological approach

Allows us to capture not only the direct effects generated by investing in R&D&I, but also the indirect effects on other sectors that are positively affected by this investment through intersectoral trade (sectors purchasing inputs that produce other sectors). Furthermore, by extending Vietnam Phone Number Data  the model with information on household income and consumption. The impacts can be estimated along the circular flow of income. That is, the induced effects derived from the extra consumption made by families once they receive the derived income. of production in the sectors . Via salaries . The conclusions obtained from this analysis are very compelling. Promoting R&D&I in Asturias contributes significantly and immediately to increasing levels of production, employment and productivity . Specifically, it was quantified that the 90 million euros allocated by the . Asturian public sector in  to promote R&D&I in companies and institutions in the region  jobs.

The production of the Asturian economy

Suffered an increase in absolute terms of more than 231 million euros, or, in other words. Each euro of the aforementioned aid allowed production to increase by around  million euros. Which means that, for every euro allocated to the aforementioned aid, the GVA increased by euros. The aforementioned results clearly reveal the importance of increasing investment in R&D&I in  Estonia Phone Number List Asturias to enhance regional economic growth. Beyond observing these short-term effects, an analysis was also carried out to study whether . From this  that investment in and on employment.

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