Create SEO recommendations

Create SEO recommendations

You also have the possibility of adding bold or italics to improve readability and be able to add lists either numerically or by points. Other options that you can do thanks to this section is to add links, both internal and external, to your blog so that the tool can assess that aspect at an SEO level. Blank sheet It is the place. Therefore, where you have to insert the content you want to analyze and you can do it in two ways.

Downloading free books

Making a copy and paste email leads from the place. Therefore, where you wrote the article. Add a URL to an article that has already been published. To make the last point. Therefore, you just have to press the text <<Import text from web>> that appears in the tool document when it is blank . A new window will open (as you see in the image below). In other words,  where you must place the url of the text. You want to upload. how to analyze a website article with SEO Writing Assistant Create SEO optimized content .

Location of

Your target audience Select Phone Number MX  the country by which. Therefore, you want to be analyzed . If your article is focused on a specific region of your country, you can always choose the largest provinces, allowing you to segment better by being able to choose the city. Therefore, the language or even the type of device. configure your target audience with seo writing assistant Very good option, especially if you write locally. 

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