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keyword configuration in semrush tool To add a keyword you just have to press the comma key “,” to start entering the next keyword. If you use the wrong keyword or want to delete one that has already been written, you have to press the “X” button that appears on the right side of the keyword. In this section. You will also find very important information such as: Title analysis : Alerts you if you have entered. Therefore, the keyword in the title and if the extension is appropriate.

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Link analysis : Shows email database  you information about.Whether the number of links are correct, if you have entered a broken link or if you did not add anchor text to a link. Alt Attributes : Image names also play an important SEO role, here it tells you if all the images in the article have a specific name. Therefore, Recommended keywords : Shows you the main words that competitors. Are working with. Those that you have entered in the text will appear in green and those that you have not yet entered will appear in white.

SEO Writing Assistant

There are many different formats Phone Number MX of electronic books. Therefore, such as mobi, epub, open ebook (opf), Daisy, pdf, ibook, doc, etc. But we all know that one of the most used is the PDF book format. Therefore, as it can be opened on different devices, although sometimes it has incompatibility problems with electronic book reading systems. But as with everything in life, when they discover that something is highly in demand. Websites and more websites immediately begin to appear. Where we can download this type of electronic books, some with higher quality than others.

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