Public investment towards a green

Public investment towards a green


Transition Public investment towards a green transition Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Adolph Mace From an economic policy perspective, the dominant consensus until the 2008 crisis was that markets were capable of absorbing macroeconomic shocks with little or no help from macroeconomic policy. And that aid, if it existed, was monetary in nature, leaving fiscal policy largely aside. However, the experience of the last 15 years has shown that fiscal policy greatly affects growth and convergence: for the better, when in 2008 (and  it kept the EU economy afloat through generalized stimulation; and for the worse, when, during the sovereign debt crisis, it became procyclical, aggravating the problems of the peripheral countries of the Eurozone.

The pandemic brought us into

New phase of the debate on fiscal and industrial policy: public investment as a means to provide not only physical and human capital, but also global public goods such as healthcare and education. It was a powerful reminder that economic recovery efforts needed to be framed within the broader long-term goals of the green and digital Russia Phone Number Data coordinates national recovery plans by conditioning the scope and timing of public investments and reforms. Its objective is to guarantee the achievement of the common recovery objectives after the pandemic: cohesion and investment in strategic sectors to guarantee an ecological and digital transition. The delivery of Greening Europe is nd the National Resilience and Recovery Plans. Like previous editions of the Outlook. Greening Europe brings together research from European institutions, university departments, think tanks and other institutions.

With this, it not only aims to

Explore a wide range of points of view, but also to continue creating a network of economists and policy makers who share their interest in the topic of public investment. Investment for a green transition is approached from a  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List wide range of perspectives, from its and much more. At least two central themes have emerged from this work. The first is the need to protect public investment through an appropriate fiscal governance Framework. Despite the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact. there is little reason for optimism. The energy crisis, recent political events in Italy and, above all. The public investment at European level. A soft reform of the Stability and.  for the EU.

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