Make a graphic chart to identify the association easily

Make a graphic chart to identify the association easily

Filling in the Google My Business page is necessary to make your association known. This page is what comes up on Google when you search. With concise but essential information (address, telephone number, opening hours), this “company page” is necessary to increase the notoriety of your association. It is also important that it be  Make a graphic  regularly updated with the associative events that you organize, the activities and the objectives. Although this page will probably not attract hundreds of volunteers and partners, it is nevertheless necessary for your marketing and communication strategy.

Defining a graphic charter with easily identifiable colors is very important to publicize your association. It may seem simple, but your association must be recognizable at your events.

To do this, develop a specific graphic charter, which you can then transpose to all your communication and marketing media. This is part of the strategy you need to develop. For example, everyone recognizes the NGO WWF thanks to the white and black colors of its panda. It is this type of simple visual support that contributes to the attractiveness of your association.

4. Distribute flyers

Distributing flyers is a good way to publicize your association . Indeed, the distribution of flyers has many advantages. You go into contact with people, which allows you to refine your target and concretely define the link you want to have with them. This gives you the opportunity to make a presentation of your association, answer questions and provide additional information to what your communication medium initially indicates. By walking at strategic points in the city, you develop your network of potential members and volunteers and make your association and its events known to an audience that is not necessarily targeted.

5. Be present on social networks and on YouTube

Social networks and YouTube are the means of communication and information most used by the under 40s. So, if your target corresponds to this audience, it is mandatory to be present on social networks. In addition, this type of promotional content is etched in time since it will always be referenced on your social networks. Conversely, appearances in local media are more ephemeral and have a short-term impact.

6. Communicate in the local or regional press

The local and regional press is always looking for events to highlight for its local audience. In addition, the press benefits from an online blog which allows content about your association to Sweden Phone Number List   Make a graphic be easily shared and found at any time. Appearing in the press brings a certain legitimacy to your association, which then makes it easier to convince people to become members or volunteers. All this contributes to developing your network and therefore to making your association known.

7. Contact local TV channels

As with the local press, local TV channels like to report on events in their town. Indeed, this type of content makes it possible to highlight the attractiveness of the territory, which is the main objective of these local TV channels. Video content is very effective in finding new members and attracting a new Make a graphic  audience. Indeed, videos (rather short format) are the most attractive new communication and marketing medium for the under 40s. With Phone Number MX  interesting and attractive content, videos are the new “must have” of social networks. A good strategy to promote your businesstherefore necessarily requires videos! And what better way to broadcast them than local TV channels, which will legitimize your association?

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