The benefits of freelancing

The benefits of freelancing

Employee or freelancer: who to choose? There is no universal answer to this question. However, at , we believe that freelancers are a better solution! Indeed, we  The benefits  have moved from a structure almost exclusively based on employees to a structure that relies mainly on freelancers. So we’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, and here’s our take on the matter!

1. Experience

When setting up a start-up , the budget is often limited. Unless you raise funds, the solution is often to turn to young employees, cheaper, and sometimes less allergic to risk. They are dynamic, friendly and have a good web culture. But they also need to be trained and they are not always proactive!

The freelancers we work with are experienced: they make relevant recommendations that save time and money. And this without having to recruit an experienced full-time employee for a large salary!

2. Productivity

Even with all the energy in the world, young or low-skilled employees are generally less productive than experienced freelancers. This has an obvious consequence: you will spend less time managing a freelancer and the latter will generally spend less time than a young employee on equivalent tasks.

Our experience shows, for example, that a professional freelance developer spends up to 10 times less time (sometimes more) than a novice developer on an equivalent task.

3. Responsiveness and flexibility

The needs of a start-up change quickly, but the employees do not necessarily change at the same pace, nor in the same direction!

Typically, we need back-end developers first. Then comes the need to improve the interface of the site, then the need to promote the business . This represents  Iran Phone Number List  The benefits different specialties that a single employee will find difficult to fully master.

4. Motivation: customer satisfaction

The freelance lives only by the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. A satisfied customer can generate new contracts and create a positive word-of-mouth to acquire new customers and thus a broader network . The freelancer thus ensures that he fully understands his client’s needs. A successful project is the best publicity he can do for his work.

For example, on , our trusted freelance writers enter the list of favorite writers of certain clients and therefore respond more regularly to requests for  The benefits   collaboration. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, new projects, increased turnover !

We can therefore think that a freelancer will place  Phone Number MX more importance on the satisfaction of his customers than an employee.

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