Application Fundamental Learning

Application Fundamental Learning

Essentials class token (AWS Cloud Basic Learning) after. The end of the period, will it be counted as a valid referral . A valid referral is a referral who redeems the Cloud Practitioner.  Program, a scholarship program for all groups, including . Lecturers and vocational school teachers. Those selected will receive.  The Back-End Developer Learning Path.   Basic Learning Class and Basic JavaScript . Programming Learning Class Phase 1 (10 June 2021): Class Learning. To Create Back-End Applications for .

Beginners and Class Building

Cloud Architecture on AWS Stage 2 (5 August 2021): Basic Learning Class . For Back-End Applications Stage 3 (4 November 2021): Class to Become. A Back-End Developer Expert In the previous stage, Mr / Ms Lecturers and Vocational School.  Teachers have registered on the scholarship program website page and received tokens for the AWS Cloud Basic Learning Class and the Basic Learning Class for JavaScript whatsapp database Programming as a pre-requisite for being selected in the next stage. Today, August 5 2021, we are proud to announce that you have been selected to win the Phase 2 scholarship. Congratulations to you.  STAGE 2 ANNOUNCEMENT LINK” In Stage 2, you will get a Back-End Application . Fundamentals Learning Class token .

Please check the email containing

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The advanced class token that we sent today.  Those selected will receive a Class token to become a Back-End Developer Expert . Always keep your enthusiasm up, Mr/Mrs Vocational School. Lecturers and Teachers! If you hav  Phone Number MX questions about this program, you can contact. Us via email to [email protected] Thank You. —Cloud and Back-End Developer specializations.  Job-desk wise, developers in this field are responsible for providing. Needs that are invisible to web usersou can see a list of names of registered.  he number of people.

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