Understand and like the product itself

Understand and like the product itself

As long as the customer pays for that product, you get a commission for it. For example, LeadPages (*) and Clickfunnels (*) are such products. However, the problem with these products is that the commission is relatively small. For example, LeadPages pays you approx. 4.90 euros for each new customer you bring to them. 100 new customers means 490 euros commission per month. In order for the  get 20 to 100 new people to join the program every month. Of course, after a year the commission will be bigger, but if you don’t have time to wait, read on. Because we want to make money easily, right? Also read this: [Work at home] 16 jobs that can earn you up to 20,000 euros per month That’s why you need a program that gives you bigger commissions than a few euros from one customer.

Program to start producing well enough for you you should

A lazy person’s affiliate marketing tip However, affiliate or referral marketing should not be done based on money alone. In order for people to believe you and what you say about the product, you have to . I always recommend new database that you buy the product for yourself, but even this is not always a good option, because some of the products cost thousands of euros., it investment is small (less than €10) A 15-day t actually be built today and after that you can recommend the training in question yourself After the 15-day training period, you (too) will be offered the opportunity to participate in other trainings, which of course are paid and worth more than 10 euros. 

The company is responsible for selling other

But at that point you can choose whether to participate in them or not. In any case, after those 15 days, you have the opportunity to start marketing that training yourself. Why is this a good option? to pay 10 euros for 15 days of training Phone Number MX and the company will do the rest after that. T courses and products. So you get the maximum benefit with minimal work. Because you are studying the 15-day training yourself , you will see, learn and understand how digital marketing works today, and with the help of that information you will already be able to use what you have learned and bring more new potential customers, i.e. leads, to the company.

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