Those Cool Images That Many

Those Cool Images That Many

Discover how to create attractive 3D views of books with covers for your ebook download or registration forms. Cuchssss, Cuchsssss (in a whispering style so that no one finds out), don’t you know what? Today is being a super interesting day for me. It’s just that if I don’t tell you I’ll burst… I had a conversation in English! Acho, yes, I swear for Snoopy!! And I have found out almost everything. Really. It’s true. Hehehehe. I am very happy. Those Cool thing is that it was in a presentation of a new tool that is going to be Therefore, released soon and that is cool , especially for people who work remotely. But I’ll tell you more about it. Today I come to talk to you about something else that I have recently discovered and that I think you will be very interested in and like .

How does the creation process work

Therefore, Of us include in our typical lead capture form that says “Download the Ebook about such and such.” You know what I mean? Well, today I’m going company data to teach you how to create some impressive 3D compositions of books with covers in a very easy and free way. you sign up? The SEO of this post is shit, I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking about what titles to put for an hour and this is a post where the most important thing is that you know.

The website and that you take a look at the video to see how simple and fast it is done. Totally the post, enough to snack on in 2 minutes. But I roll up, like a blind. Let’s see. The need: that they look cool So clear. The need is that they are very widespread and look great when you put it in a sidebar, in a popup, in a side slider or wherever you think of putting it.

Those Cool fact is that if your

Lead Magnet is an ebook then you will want this type of image. Damn, don’t tell me that apart from the model’s face, which cost me my life to accept my Phone Number MX invitation for the photo. Therefore, that had to come from Hollywood and everything, the thing is nothing to be amazed at how cool it looks… And I lower the quality of the images by a bit! (not on my face, but to upload them to the blog). Wow, what a mess I am. Out with this paragraph.

Therefore, Well, listen, let’s summarize. You must have Photoshop installed. Go to and search for the composition that you like the most . They have a lot. Then download it to your computer. Unzip it and open the file with Photoshop to add the action. 

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