When the subscriber will get it

When the subscriber will get it

When the Czech auction portal is currently the largest online trading platform in the Czech Republic. The service has been operating on the local market since 2003 and after the first year of operation it had 7,000 users. Sale on the Czech Aukro is similar to that on Allegro. The user can list any item, use the appropriate photos, add a description, set the price, delivery method and put it up for auction. The portal – similarly to Allegro – charges fees for specific transactions. Many entrepreneurs decide to set up their own store to avoid fees, increase profits and build their own brand. Due to the fact that Aukro use to belong to Allegro – it looks like our native portal.

Add Personalization Elements

Is selling on the Czech Aukro profitable? Due to the huge dispersion of the market, it is one of many e-commerce portals. If you want to increase photo editor sales in your store – it’s worth betting on your own platform. And how do Czechs make purchasing decisions? First of all, they compare individual offers. The most popular comparison websites are Heureka.cz (53% of Internet users use it. It is worth taking care of your position in the comparison engine to significantly increase sales and attract new customers. Czech online store – how to pay in the Czech Republic? When setting up a business in the Czech Republic.

Your lucky card is personalization

you should get to know the local market thoroughly. How to pay in the Czech Republic? The state has its own currency – the Czech crown. Tourists also pay in euros or dollars. There is currency Phone Number MX conversion in online stores – this means that you will receive funds in Czech crowns. How to pay in the Czech Republic? According to E-Izba, Internet users choose different payment methods. The most popular is a creit card – this method of payment is chosen by 65 percent of buyers. The next place is the prepaid card, which is chosen by 17 percent of consumers. 

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