What about social protection in the context of wage portage

What about social protection in the context of wage portage

Social protection is a set of mechanisms put in place for collective welfare. It enables the citizens of a country to better  manage social risks  (accidents, illnesses, birth, invalidity, unemployment, retirement, etc.).

If public service employees and private sector What about social employees benefit from it through a contribution system, what about the  self-employed  ? Wage portage is an interesting solution because it allows freelancers to benefit from the same social benefits as private sector employees.

Find out how  wage portage  offers better  social protection  to the self-employed.

Social protection: what is it exactly?

Social protection is made up of  several schemes  ( general, special, autonomous, etc. ) set up to anticipate the financial consequences of social risks that could compromise the economic security of a person or their family.

1- There are two kinds of social protection mechanisms:

Social benefits that are paid directly to households in the form of allowances, pensions or healthcare reimbursements;

Provision of social services, which consist of free or low-cost services in hospitals or nurseries. Social protection organizations finance them directly or through donations.

Socia benefits respond to three modes of support:

Social insurance which protects members against loss of income (sickness, accident at work, unemployment, old age, etc.) in return for contributions calculated on the basis of wages. This protection is provided for contributors and their dependents;

Social assistance intervenes to support individuals and their relatives against all forms of poverty. This benefit guarantees a minimum income, but it does not necessarily cover a well-defined risk. Granted subject to resources, this form of  social protection  does not require What about social  contributions: it is therefore “non-contributory”. Social assistance includes the ten social minima, the RSA (Active Solidarity Income) and the AAH (Allowance for Disabled Adults).

Universal protection provides  Czech Republic Phone Number List coverage for certain types of expenses for all individuals, with no means test and no contributions to pay. For example, universal health protection allows all workers or residents in France to benefit from coverage of their health costs.

Social protection: terms of care

Wage portage is a form of work that has many advantages for the  self-employed and self-employed.  It allows them to have the status of supported employee and  Phone Number MX  to benefit from all social security coverage provided for traditional employees while remaining independent.


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