Just asking customers to share their experience

Just asking customers to share their experience

It’s also about letting them know about your products or services… So they think of you first when they want to purchase a product or service you provide. If your potential customers don’t know about you or what you sell. Then they are likely to end up buying from one of your competitors. Someone whose brand they know. Here’s how you can get your brand seen more widely. So it sticks in people’s minds:   1: encourage customers to share testimonials on social m  ia 6 ways to improve brand awareness one very thing easiest to do is encourage your customers to talk about what they bought from you.

Video testimonials about your brand

This is obviously easier for some companies than Africa Email List for others: it helps if your product or service is one that people are excit   about and would like to enjoy sharing. Often. Just asking customers to share their experience will get a few testimonials coming your way. You could also provide additional encouragement: for example. You could share your favorite testimonials from your company’s account. Or you could hold an instagram competition and reward customers who share the best instagram posts about your brand (which could be photos of themselves using your products. Video testimonials about your brand. Etc.

Be sure to comply with the rules of the social

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if you do run any type of contest. However. Be sure to comply with the rules of the social platform in question).   2: use a referral program another Phone Number MX great way to get your name out there is to have a referral program. Where customers receive some form of incentive for encouraging their friends to sign up as customers. This works especially well for saas (software as a service) companies – dropbox. For example. Offers extra space to invite your friends to try dropbox. And many services will extend a customer’s subscription for free if a friend signs up.

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