Hire a Website Consultant to Grow Your Business

Hire a Website Consultant to Grow Your Business


Price should not be your only deciding factor, especially if you are trying to monetize your website. Cheaper plans likely won’t offer special support such as uptime, in-house customer service, or plan upgrades.


Most web hosting companies offer attractive discounts when signing up, making it seem like a cost-effective option, but renewal fees are very high. You can’t avoid this unless you change web hosting providers, and the same will apply even in the next two years. If you don’t want to go back to square one every time, it’s a good idea to inquire about a renewable plan in advance.


Choose a company that doesn’t charge more than 100% of the subscription price. For example, many novice Siteground users look for Siteground alternatives due to unaffordable prices and plans . So, if you are a beginner looking for a web hosting company, you should consider the price and budget before choosing a web hosting company.


Essential features and additional features

Suitable features may vary from person to person. All hosting providers offer basic features, but you need to determine your special needs and choose a web hosting provider that fits your brand.


You should check out the add-ons like one-click call lists installer, DNS management, CDN, domain privacy, regular data backup, file manager, etc. If you have special features that fit your brand’s needs, you should look into other web hosting providers similar to yours.


3. Customer support

There will be too many times when you will have to work out technical bugs. One way to check your web hosting company’s availability is to make sure they can provide customer support via live chat or phone and resolve issues right away rather than having your site go offline for several hours.

Server stability and uptime scores

Have you ever clicked on a website and then waited frustratingly for it to fully load? This happens because the website goes offline due to a weak Phone Number MX server network. Not only will this drive traffic away from your site, but it will also cause your site to rank lower in search engines like Google.

When Amazon was down for about 30 minutes in 2013, it cost the company $66,240 per minute.

Therefore, if your brand relies heavily on your website, it is very important that it is online 24/7.

You can monitor server stability through a website down checker tool, but it is not required. You can easily check the uptime score of a hosting company and make a decision about it.

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