Department of Education

Department of Education


Linguistic Policy and Culture and Valencian. The aforementioned works are based on the hypothesis that the language has its own market and industry that generate quantifiable wealth and employment (the so-called language industries). To estimate the economic value of the language in terms of production, income or employment, it is necessary to distinguish which goods and services are directly related to the language as a differential element in its production process. In a work recently carried out by the author of this entry, a similar . Language as a private good, from a macroeconomic perspective, to the economy of Galicia as a whole.

Although there are various methodological

Alternatives that differ even in the area of ​​what is considered directly related to the language, this study tries to be as comparable as possible, so the methodological procedure to follow was similar to that of Valencian and Basque. For this reason, as in the work that serves as a reference, four  Hong Kong Phone Number Data large sectors linked to the language are Culture and media industry. Language industry each of them which is into different subsectors. For these subsectors, their GVA and direct employment are  on the information . The data in this phase.  Comes mostly from public sources and organizations. Specifically, the economic data (production, GVA or equivalent full . Affiliations from the CNAE were used.

Obtain information on sectoral

Productivity, data from the Structural Business Survey  were. The data on the proportion of production in Galician was  from a survey of entities  to the language carried out by the  Galicia, as well as from the . Structural Household  Canada Phone Number List Survey  and from university publications in the case of the use of Galician. Galician. These direct impacts are  to the branches of activity of the input-output model for the calculation of the economic impact (direct, indirect and in accordance with the update of the Input-Output Framework of Galicia for the year. The direct impact that Galician has on the entire Galician economy is  in of full-time equivalent in Galicia.

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