Coastal tourism model in a context

Coastal tourism model in a context

Climate change Coastal tourism model in a context of climate change The prevailing tourism model on the Mediterranean coast is based on a sun and beach product where the availability of said natural resource plays a key role and constitutes the main attraction. It is a model that, without a doubt, has evolved over the years, and that in a good part of the coast has led to higher quality segments, both in terms of the offer of tourist establishments and complementary services, such as the public services provided. However, the basis of the model continues to be the availability of beaches, and this is a resource that, unfortunately, is in clear regression as a consequence of the rise in sea level derived from climate change, a situation that has nothing but to worsen in the coming years.

In this context, the carrying capacity

Mediterranean beaches will be increasingly which will undoubtedly reduce the attractiveness of areas that base all their tourist potential on this resource and.  Consequently, the number of visitors will experience considerable reductions. It is evident that this is not a radical process but rather an Mexico WhatsApp Number Data  inexorable change  and gradual, which is occurring over a relatively long time horizon. This fact should allow a radical change in the sector.  In order to resize downwards in the coastal areas and, at the same time, explore moving part of its material and human assets to inland areas where the  to be lower. It is not only to the available human resources but to the in regression natural resources available.

It is evident that since we are talking

About natural resources fixed in the territory, the impact in terms of economic geography will be considerable, since these are assets that, strictly speaking, cannot be relocated. The sun and beach tourism model we are referring to is not. However, homogeneous along the coast, given that while in  Switzerland WhatsApp Number List certain areas the the model productive specialization.  Nor does it seem reasonable that an alternative supply of tourist goods and services . Could be generated in its interior areas that could replace the coastal supply. We have an example of this risk in the attached map.  Which shows a forecast of a rise in sea level of one meter, in this case for the coastal areas of the.  Altare concentrated in humid areas.  But the impact occurs in practically all of them. of the coastline.

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