What they are stages phases and 6 types

If you have heard about marketing funnels, also known as marketing funnels, but you are not sure what exactly it is, this post is for you. I want to explain to you how important it is to have a sales system in your business. I’m going to clarify what a marketing funnel is, because many What they times this concept is not clear. And, furthermore, I want you to be clear about the most common types of marketing funnels that exist . Depending on where your business, product or service is at, one type of funnel may be more effective than another.

What is a marketing funnel

In short, I want to offer you all the necessary information so that you can analyze and choose the formula that best suits your business and thus executive data achieve more sales. And, of course, if after reading it you have any questions… I’ll wait for you in the comments. What is a marketing funnel It is necessary to understand the marketing funnel as a global strategy for our digital business . We are not just talking about simple automation in the email marketing tool, a marketing funnel is much more. I always say that a funnel has a technical part , but above all, I emphasize strategic work .

Marketing funnel structure

That is, from the moment someone doesn’t know you until the sale occurs, a process is necessary. This process is accompanied by a strategy, not only the technical part. EVERYTHING we do must have a strategic sense and be part Phone Number MX of your funnel. funnel concept – Marketing funnels: What they are, stages, phases and 6 types Therefore, we can say that the funnel is the tool that allows us to guide the person who does not know us, little by little, until they know us, trust us, we can sell them our product or service and, furthermore; who is delighted, recommends you and brings you new clients.

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