Not Alone in the Automobile Market

 It is evident that the more complex a transaction is and the more people involv in it, the probability of committing an illicit act tends to increase proportionally. Hence, as Ian Vásquez, representative of the Cato Institute, maintains, dismantling the institutional tangle is a priority , starting with the ministries, which in his opinion should not be more than five or six. On the other hand, the task of promoting a culture of respect for the law and the rights of others in schools and universities, in children and young people still permeable to values, is equally urgent.

Ford the Answer to Why

 A study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has proven that corruption is usually a problem that affects the entire society . Thus, when institutions are weak and what prevails is anomie, transgression and the search for b2b leads personal gain, corrupt practices become frequent in all areas: in public administration, in the private sector and in the daily lives of citizens. citizens. Let us keep in mind that as long as corruption remains root in the country’s structures, achieving solid standards of progress and development will be an illusion .

They Lost Ground in the

So let’s start with the first thing.Although in the 2015 Pisa Test Peru made progress in the three basic items that this evaluation measures -science, reading comprehension Phone Number MX and mathematics- , it is evident that we are still lagging behind in relation to the countries that register the highest scores and even with several neighbors in the region. Specifically, in reading we obtain 398 points, quite far from Singapore (535), Canada (527) and Hong Kong (527), the three world benchmarks, and even below the average of 493 points recommend by Pisa.

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